Uncle and Aunty mess


If I am writing about brick fields and little India, if I don't write about Aunty and Uncle Restaurants then it will be not correct.

These restaurants might not be as famous as Gem or Saravana Bhavan but in my opinion the business is much better than others.

If you know Palm Court Condominium in Brick Fields, then these restaurants are located infornt of Palm Court, Block D. Even there got lot of big big Indian restaurants in Little India and other places of Brick Fields, when we go to curries section, for sure there will be some local flavour is mixed.

If you are interested in having Telugu meals like the flavour of real Vijayawada or Guntur these restaurants are the best option. The native Andhra people prefers these shops. First these shops started as curry houses and gradually upgraded to restaurants.

Most of the families and bachelors in Palm Court are from India and majority of them are from South India, they prefer to go to these shops. Another advantage for people is it is quite near to apartments. As I am also from Andhra Pradesh, I too like to go and eat here.

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To tell about Aunty Mess, break fast items are good. Items like Palin Dosa, Onion Dosa, Karam Dosa, Poori, Vada, Idly, Pongal and coffee are available. Variety of curries also available in pure andhra flavour. Aunty, really receives you with a warm smile and servers you on time. When compared to other big restaurants, the prices are really less and completely affordable.

A bachelor can not afford to go to big restaurant everyday for breakfast. So most of them relay on these small shops. Now there is a provision to sit and eat there itself. For office going people who prefer to take lunch, aunty shop provides lunch packed for them. They use to provide home delivery but now because of the crowed home delivery is stopped.

If you want to taste a home made hydrabadi biryani, it is better to go Uncle's shop. It is really tasty and affordable. The craze is such a way that, on Saturday or Sunday if you go around 1:30 or 1:45 pm you wont get biryani. by that time it will finish. So you have to be much earlier if you want to eat. Even daily they is big crowd for curries too..

Sambar, dal, fired vegetables, other vegetable curries, non veg items will be available on lunch and dinner times. You can get some snack items like bajji, bonda at evening times.


  1. Is this Mess inside the Palm Court building? Really cannot find Aunty n Uncle Mess.. Please help. Mom is Telugu n wanting to try andra food

  2. Don't know if its too late but yeah its behind the condominium.

  3. Do you by any chance have their phone number?