Bukit Melawati


Bukit Melawati, is a historical place to visit. It is located in Kuala Selangor and it is very popular for good sight view. It is a hill peak. The peak and other constructions were built by Sultan Ibrahim of Selangor to safeguard Selangor State from Dutch. The fort faced the sea with a beautiful view of the Selangor River.

From Brick Fields, it takes nearly 1hour 30 minutes of journey if you travel by car.

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 At present, the hill is covered with grass and tall rain trees which give very beautiful view. There is a light house which is constructed in 1907 guides the ships coming from Malacca even today. Here only all the visitors gather. From here one can see the greenery and mangroves below and a view of open sea.

Bukit Melawati

Tram to take up hill
  The main attraction of this place is Silver Leaf Monkeys. These monkeys come from the mangrove forests below the hill. Monkeys are not at all afraid of the visitors and enjoy the eatables given by visitors. To tell more about Silver Leaf Monkeys, baby monkeys are born with gold color hair and as it grows the hair turns into black and silver color. The exposure to people has made the monkeys tame and unafraid of hopping on the shoulders of unsuspecting visitors. The monkeys can be seen in groups and jumping here and there on the trees.
Silver Monkey
We can see old, non-functional cannons on the slab which once protected the area, now silently witness the wars, battles, victories and defeats. From there the sun set and the sea view are really great and one must enjoy lively. As it is a hill area, most of the time the weather is cloudy but in clear weather it is beautiful spot for photographers to take good photos.

Light House on top of the hill

Now there is an arrangement of a tram which takes the visitors up hill and leaves them on the top to enjoy the view and after some time same tram comes to pick-up the visitors down the hill. You can find some small traders who sell bananas and beans to feed monkeys.
Down the hill, you can find play ground for children, some shops, restaurants etc.


From Bukit Melawati, the firefly’s park is about 15 minutes. The boat ride starts from 7:45 pm only.

FireFly park

Information about Fireflies
 It is really great to see Fireflies in Kuala Selangor’s river. Fire Fly is an insect which emits small yellow light from its abdomen. When you see groups of firefiles on different 'Berembang' trees blinking randomly, it looks like natural Christmas trees. In Kuala Selangor, Aeon is sponsoring the caring of fireflies.

Info on FireFlies
Small boats start from 7:45 pm, takes you inside the river where you can see the nature’s wonder very closely. The boat takes you very closer to the trees. The river water is very dirty. Ticket price for 4 people to roam in the boat is RM 50/- and it is about 15 minutes ride along river side. Photos with flash are not allowed and catching fireflies is strictly prohibited.
On return to home, if you feel tired or hungry, you can find some parking with café and restaurants. After 30 min journey, we find one, and took a break for our dinner and continued our journey to our sweet homes…

In short, it is good to visit place.

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