How To Start Your Day....


  • 1. Get up a bit early: Getting up minimum 15 minutes early makes your day a busy free. Else you have to rush from getting dressed, break fast etc... If possible, go and have a look on sun raise and go for a morning walk. You feel much relaxed with fresh air and chirping of birds.

  • 2. Don't forget to Thank GOD: Really!!!!! Just think how lucky you are to see the sun shine again..Say from bottom of your heart 'I am really grateful and thankful to you'. I strongly believe some power around us protects us.. and it surely listens to your voice when you are sincere

  • 3. Smile: Give a pleasant smile to your loved one. You don't know the power smile. It not only ease your feelings, but it pleases the other person too.

  • 4. Have Breakfast : Don't skip breakfast as a part of your diet plan. It gives you the energy which is needed to kick start your day with full energy.

  • 5. Don't recall any unpleasant incidents: Yes, don't recall any upset moments passed on to you last day. Like an argument with your boss or with partner etc. Everyday is a new beginning. Try to make it as happier as possible.

  • 6. Read an Inspirational Quote: At-least one inspirational quote in the morning gives boost to your inner soul.


  • 7. Plan: Roughly plan the activities of the day. Not only office work always. Anything at home or for kids or in office etc.. just recall and list out. For important tasks put reminders.

  • 8. Be kind: If possible, do a good thing which really makes you or others happy. For example, while driving to your office donate a bit to a needy, see his smile, if your wife is preparing your breakfast and gets late.. don't shout at her.. give a smile and she feels much better than making things much worse..  :)

  • 9. Do something relaxing: If you have a habit of meditation then please do it. That's the only way by which you calm down your mind.. or listen your favorite music which relaxes you. Music is one of the powerful thing to calm down you.

  • 10. Before you leave to office... say yourself that "Today is great day".

  • 11: Don't get into any sort of argument or discussion in the morning. It spoils the whole day. So try to be calm and do your best to overcome such situation if arises.


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