Real Estate Adviser

If you want any apartment or house for rent or sale it is always better to consult a Real Estate Adviser. If you have good contacts who can help you out in finding apartment then no problem. Being new to any country or place and getting work done without any help is really troublesome. As we faced the problem when finding a new house, I would like to share Real Estate Adviser information so that no one else could face the same again. 

If you want any apartment for sale or rent you can contact Ms. Ratnes T. Their office is in City One Plaza.
Below is the Address given.


Ms. Ratnes T,
Sr. Negotiator,
H/P: 010-7730103

Lot 1.08 E, 1st Floor, Plaza City One,
Jalan Munshi Abdullah,
50100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-26948113
Fax: 03-26940113

The services provided from this company are, Sales/Rental/Leasing of House,  Condo, Shop house, Factory, Land and etc.

Ms Ratnes is very friendly and provides detailed information. She is mainly focusing Brick Fields area like Palm Court, Crescent Court etc where most of Indians stays.

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