Sri Kota Super Market

Sri Kota in Little India

The big shop in little India is Sri Kota Super Market. It is located in the main corner of Jalan Tun Sambantan. You can get all variety items not only vegetables, non veg items other stuff like house hold utensils, baby stuff etc.

The shop is organised in three floors. In ground floor, you get eatables like biscuits, chocolates other packed food. On right most side you get branded non halal , alcohol related items like vodka, vi sky, beer etc..

If you move a bit more inside, you find fruits and vegetables on left hand side and right hand side got some branded, packed groceries. If you go a bit more then non veg items are available. In ground floor you get baby milk powder of different brands. This is the only shop in little India which sells baby milk powders.

Left hand side you can find steps to go to upstairs. 1st floor contains baby stuff like toys, bicycles, cloths other baby stuff. Right hand side you can find other house hold items like soaps, paste, shampoo, house cleaning etc etc.....

If you go inside, kitchen utensils like dishes, crockery, plastic items, brooms, door mats and lot more can not list out here.

2nd floor is for baby books, stationary, electric/hard ware items, curtains, gift articles and other stuff.

Each floor has its own cash counter to pay. If you wish you can pay even in ground floor before leaving. In one word, you can get all varieties of items in Sri Kota.

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