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A good news for all mutton lovers. You can get fresh mutton, lamb, goat milk etc in TPL Fresh Meats shop. In big shopping malls like Carrefour, Tesco, NSK you can get mutton, Lamb and Beaf but it might not be fresh always.

If you want a shop dedicated only for mutton you can choose this. Near to Brick Fields, the shop is located in Bangsar. If you look at the shop, you don't feel it as a meat stall. The maintenance is so good. In this shop, you can get varieties of mutton like local goats, Australian goats or Indian.
Cash Counter

Meat processing

Special requests for ribs, liver, bone and boneless mutton, only bones etc are served. The staff maintains very clean mechanism to cut the meat. Frozen items like goat bones, liver etc are available. Sea foods like prawns, fish seen in refrigerators as frozen food. Price is reasonable. Staff are friendly. On Festival days like Ramadan or Idul Zuha (Bakrid) one better to go and get the item a bit early else it will be crowded later or might not available sometimes.
Business Card
 There is a big LCD TV which is placed on the wall always shows the whole process of getting fresh  meat. They claim the meat is Halal which is important for Muslims.

Fresh goat milk packets are seen. If anyone interested can contact them for more information.
Fresh Goat Milk

TPL Fresh Meats Sdn. Bhd.
No. 21 ground floor,
Jalan Bangsar ,
59000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 03 2287 7755

Please find much more info in thier official site.

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