Where to buy good Children Bicycle in Kuala Lumpur


My son was asking for a bicycle. I bought one from Mid valley but some how the chain is came out and not able to repair. When i went to service center, they told it is not branded item so can not able repair. I bought it around RM 230/-. 

Now again time to buy a new one. So this time decided to buy good one from a shop where even any problem they can repair. So I enquired in my friends and last found two places.. 


One is in Old Klang Road, where the shop is meant for bicycle repair and selling new ones. This exactly matches my requirement.. So I went there and check, the cycle is good but shop person told it costs RM 250/- final price. He told he can provide service if anything goes wrong. Still because of 250/- we got a second though. Went to Toys R Us shop in Mid Valley, there got good bicycles, like Ben 10, spider man etc.. But cost is too expensive.. it is RM 300/-, So we started inquire again then we came to know about Chow Kit Road.

Chow Kit, if you go by taxi is is 13 min distance and it might cost around RM 7/- as taxi fair. In this street, got lot of toy shops where most of them are like wholesale. Toys like talking bird, gun, balls etc are available in every store with very less price. I think other shop owners buy from here and sell to higher price.

There we find one shop and get into to see the bicycles. Lot of varieties with different price ranges. But you need to be careful as the item might not be real quality one. So have a thorough check before you buy. You can bargain on the price they told.

if you know local language it is much better else better to take someone with you who can talk

At last in one shop we selected one bicycles which costs around RM 180/- I strongly think
if I could able to talk Malay fluently then it would have come only for 150/-


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