Fraser’s Hill, Pahang, Malaysia

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From hectic workloads, chasing deadlines, mechanical life style of morning 8:30 am to 8:30 pm work, practical thinking makes man really busy in his life. This modern life style not only affects the personality of the person but also affects his/her relationships too. If one continue life like this then they will lose the essence of it.

I am not telling to stop working.. J but plan your leisure times (weekends) with small family trips or trips with friends which makes you more relaxed and it is much better than watching movies, boozing etc. If you are in Malaysia, then don’t miss the opportunity to roam around this beautiful country. Malaysia is a place to live life very near to nature.

Today I am going to tell about a place which can be visited as a day trip or if you want can also stay there. It’s all about Fraser’s Hill Station.

Fraser’s Hill is a highland which is located nearly two hours away from busy Kuala Lumpur in Pahang Hills. It is also known as Bukit Fraser. This place is popular for its cool climate, nature activities. History says, British army, Scotsman Fraser who came to this place in search of Gold mines. Because of him this place got the name Fraser’s Hill. Whether he found the Gold mine or not I am not sure J but you can see the old colonial charm all around the hill. Most of the old stone cottages represent colonial style of living in olden days.

Visitors can visit this place throughout the year but be prepared for sudden rainfall most of the times. If you wish to stay there then plan to visit in off peak days so that you can enjoy cheap budgets. Temperatures usually range between 22 - 28°C during the day and 16°C to 20°C at night; with more rain, the environment becomes cold and misty.

Main attractions in Fraser’s Hill are its cooling climate, rain forests, Allan’s Water, Jeriau Waterfall, and The Paddock for horse-riding and abandoned colonial mansions. This place is also famous for its variety of birdlife.

Allen’s Water:

Allan's Water
It is a small lake which was turned into a park for recreational activities. Surrounding the lake are big trees and shrubs which provide a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Birds fluttering among the tree tops are common sights, with the occasional squirrel or monkey. Small paddle boats (for two people each) parked along the water's edge can be rented for a small fee, at MYR6 for 15 minutes. You can then paddle around the lake to enjoy the scenery.

Jeriau murky waterfall:

Jeriau Waterfall
The waterfall is not impressive and the amount of water is not large, but the setting is romantic, making a visit worthwhile.

The Paddock:
The Paddock

Activity at Paddock

It is a club for horse riding and Archery. Don’t expect too much about the horse riding as it is quite simple one but with lots of fun. The rate for horseride is RM8 for adults and RM4 for children. The rate for archery is RM8 for adulta (10 arrows) and RM5 for blowpipe for children.

Bird Life: 

This place is a special attraction for Birdlife. It  is home to 250 species of wild birds. In fact the International Bird Watching Event is held here. You can go to Jelai R. esort to watch birds but not necessarily

Children’s Park, Flower Garden near the Clock Tower and The Smoke House are some other places to visit in this hill area.

Map to this location:

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