If you are in Malaysia then don’t miss the chance to visit Putrajaya. Putrajaya is the Administrative Capital of Malaysia. It is a well-planned modern city with world class sophisticated working and living environment.  The big administrative buildings, wide roads, the colorful bridges, well maintained parks, neatly trimmed bushes alongside the roads and many more tells the beauty of Putrajaya.  Almost round 40% of the land has been left for greenery which is worth mentioning. It is known as “City in a Garden”

The main feature of this city is man-made lake which is spread 650 hectares to cool the city and help in flood control.  Another highlight of this beautiful city is its mosques.  Words are not enough to write except one go and visit the place personally.
On top the beautiful visiting places, regular events takes place like, Floral Festival, Hot Balloon Festival, Million March, Youth Carnival, International Firework show etc which makes the city in news always.

Below are top tourism icons of Putrajya.

Mosque from Lake view

v       Perdana Putra (Prime Minister Office) :

It is an office complex of 6 floors. For a new person who doesn’t know about it may think this building as a Moghul Mansion. The Green glazed Onion shaped roof resembles the elements of Islamic Moghul architecture.  At nights with lights, the builds looks awesome.

Prime Minister Office
 v  Parks of Putrajaya:

Nearly 12 unique parks can be seen in this city. Most of them are Botanical Gardens, Wetland Parks and the Agriculture Heritage Parks. Wet Land Parks are constructed with Fresh Water wetlands in the tropics.

v  Seri Perdana:

It is the residence of Prime Minister of Malaysia and official place to receive foreign delegates and other official personnel. The construction looks alike with Perdana Putra with Green Glazed Onion Shaped roof and Islamic design.

v  Mosques:

The worth mentioning mosques in Putrajaya are, Putra Mosque and Yang di-Pertua Agong mosque. Putra mosque is a pink dome one which is constructed with rose-tinted granite. It facilitates 15,000 worshippers at a time. The second mosque is constructed with impressive steel façade.

Putra Mosque
v  Bridges in Putrajaya:

There are nearly 8 bridges in putrajaya of various sizes, design and importance. Putra Bridge is the important one which connects the Government Offices and Other routes. At night time this bridge shines with illuminated with changing colored lights. Other bridges include seri Gemilang Bridge, Sri Wawasan Bridege, Sri Saujana Bridge.

Main Bridge

v  Putrajaya International Convention Centre:

It is a landmark which is designed the shape of a silver Malay belt buckle. 

As I mentioned earlier, many planned events takes place in Putrajaya. Below is the list for the year of 2013:

March : Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival.

June: Festival Bunga and Taman Floria (International Flower Festival ) : Some photos from 2013 Floral Festival. If you did not go then you missed it this year. 

August: Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition.

September: Putrajaya Islamic Art Festival

October: Putrajya Night Marathon

November: Lighting Festival

December: Putrajaya International Dragon Boat Festival.

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