The Kanching Falls


 This waterfall is quite near from Kuala Lumpur and unknown beautiful nature spot.  This place called as Hutan Lipur Kanching in Malay which means Forest Consolation. This is a good place for families to plan their weekend visits.

It is located between Selayang and Rawang. It takes around 1 hr if you opt to go by Public Bus from Central Market. There are nearly 7 waterfalls in this place and the first one is best suited for families. It is crowded during weekends. One can plan their picnic spot along the stream.


Kanching is popular for its seven tier of cascading waterfall, forest trekking, butterflies, lizards and birds. This is a good visit for nature lovers. It is a bit difficult to exactly estimate which level ends where. The first tier is good to visit but not for bathing as the water is a bit dirty with rubbish thrown.

Second fall is good compared to first one for bathing and looks like a swimming pool. But it is always good to have a safety precaution before you go for swim. The steps are quite steep which make it difficult to visitors to go up.  If you plan the trip with kids and elderly people then it is better to plan up to level 3. Better not to take any eatables which are much visible. Monkeys from forest might attack for food.

As you go up each level, the water purity increases and crowd decreases.  From level 6 and 7 you can really enjoy the natural beauty of shiny rocks and tall trees.  At level 7, you can see never ending steps into the jungle..

Steep steps 


State : Selangor
Location: Between Selayang and Rawang
Coordinates and map: E101° 37.19' N 3° 18.13'
Water Source: Stream
Waterfall Profile: 7 Falls, most vertical ones
Accessibility: Public Transport, Trekking

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