Idle Lunch Box Tips


Hi Friends.. Hope all are doing good and welcome to my post.

Today I want to share some points to consider about Lunch Box for adults. Sorry if you expect recipe and its procedure. That one we will discuss in my other posts.
Here I want to share my ideas about ideal lunch box for adults. This post is dedicated
to all those who prepare lunch box for their partner or for themselves. I see most of Indians prefer to take lunch box as they are fond of home made food than eating outside.

So, these are the tips..

1. Better to buy hot lunch box:

Prefer to buy a lunch box with 3 boxes in it. It could be either tupper wear or stainless steel, but it must keep the items hot as much as possible. If your partner feels inconvenient to take that big box, then buy one with partitions in it. Milton is good option is Milton.


2. Must have one heavy caloric food:

It could be either rice or chapati or parota but it is good to have it. Don't skip
the item because of dieting. This gives energy for rest of the day. Need not to
eat heavy quantities. So , arrange chapati / rice in one box and curry in another.

3. Curd/Yoghurt's is must:

Yes, it is true. I am not telling this, but many researches found that curd is good
for health and brings down the body heat and helps in improving digestion etc..

So, if your partner like to take curd rice then better arrange it. If don't like to
eat curd then put raitha or curd with sugar like lassi etc..  But make it one item.

4. Fruit Salad:

It is good to put some fruits along with lunch. Need not be same fruit. Mix with different
fruits or vegetables.. Carrots, Keera, apple, banana, any sprouts anything.. But
give some fresh fruits which adds extra refreshment..

So, try to make your or your partner's lunch box more interesting than daily boring items
like rice and curry.

Please share your ideas....

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