Cost of Living with Budget Planning in Malaysia for Expat Indians


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Planning is very important. It is not only applicable in work or tasks but much important in finance. Because, earning is hard and spending is easy.  In this post I want to share completely my personal thoughts about budget planning to live best in Malaysia. My post completely related to middle class people who occupy major percent of our society.

In general any expat from India comes to overseas to make some extra money than from his/her native country.  It might not be case with everyone but it is true with most of the people. So, one should able to save some amount which is more than what one saves in his/her home country. Then only there is a meaning to live in other country leaving all your relations far. So I strongly feel having a good plan for our spending over earning is very important. By implementing this plan you can save more than expected.

Okey! Now I go into the detailed picture. I want to discuss the living scenario for three categories of people.

  • 1.       Bachelors
  • 2.      Married couple with no kids and wife not working
  • 3.      Married couple with 1 or 2 kids and wife not working. 


House rent is the major part in monthly expenses. In Malaysia house rents are a bit high compared to India. But it is completely subjective. As the table shows in my previous post, a single bed room apartment will comes around RM 1500/- fully furnished with extra monthly bills. Below is the budget plan J

Options for Bachelors:

Sharing a house. Yes. For bachelor person, one bed room flat, I feel it is waste. There are many condominiums which offer shared rooms. These rooms are fully furnished and the rental is included with utilities. If you opt to stay in Brickfields, Palmcourt Condominium is the famous apartment with lot of Indians. You can get small room with other facilities for RM 550/- per month. This is if you want to stay alone. You also get middle rooms which are shared with another bachelor. If you have any friend then you can share with him/her. In that case rent comes around RM 450/- per month. So option is yours.  Not only Palm Court Apartments, you can find many more cheap rooms in brickfields area.

 Options for Married Couple:  

 If you are married and want to stay with your wife then you can also go for shared house if you feel house rental is a burden. For a couple, master bed room is much convenient. So the other rooms like middle room and small room are shared with others. This type of master rooms are available RM 1100/- per month with utilities.  If you are newly married and don’t want others to be shared in your house, the you can find some apartments which are cheaper around RM 1000/- per month but you have to bare other expenses like utilities etc separately.

Married couple with 2 kids and wife not working:

For families sharing might not be convenient.  If the children are school going then it is good to take two bed room apartments. If you really don’t expect a lot luxury house then you can easily get a furnished house for RM 1800/- per month. If you want to plan a bit then semi furnished apartment also available for RM 1400/-. Again option is yours.

Summary of budget accommodation goes here:

Category of people
House Type
Rent (RM) per month
Small Room
550/- (Including utilities)
Middle room shred with friend
450/- (Including utilities)
Married Couple
Shared house with Master Bed Room
1100/- (Including utilities)
Married Couple
Semi furnished one bed room flat
1200/- (Utilities extra)
Married Couple with Children
Semi furnished two bed room flat
1400/- (Utilities extra)
Married Couple with Children
Fully furnished two bed room flat
1800/- (Utilities extra)

I will continue about the budget food planning in my next post.. Hope the information helpful. If you have any comments or queries please post here.

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